Healthier Kids = Happier Families

Here at Means Lauf Super Drug we are parents who understand the difficulties that come with giving children their medications and we want to help. Introducing the newest addition to our pharmacy the FlavoRX machine. It allows us to flavor most liquid medications including antibiotics, acid reflux medications, steroids, and many more.

Kids get to choose a flavor of medication they enjoy. Parents get to worry less and sleep a little bit more. Let us help your family get healthier and happier faster.

Up to 16 Flavors to Choose From

2 thoughts on “Healthier Kids = Happier Families

  1. What exactly is in the flavoring? What is it being flavored with?? How much sugar? Ingredient list??

    1. The flavor comes from a mixture of all natural sweeteners that is unique to each flavor. All the flavoring is dye free, sugar free, gluten free, casein free, hypoallergenic, and diabetes safe.

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