Talk To Your Local CBD Experts

CBD products are everywhere from pharmacies to gas stations but do you really know what your buying or how to use it?

At Means Lauf Super Drug we love CBD and have our own expert to answer all of your CBD related questions. When it comes to CBD it pays to know what you are getting because the benefits can differ greatly from one product to the next based on quality, type, and just knowing how to use it appropriately. Here at Means Lauf we offer high quality CBD products to treat everything from acne to neuropathy. The added bonus is when you purchase one of our CBD products you get personalized coaching from our expert to help you along the way.

We have even visited the farm and factory where our products are made in Kentucky.

The benefits of CBD products also extend to pets who suffer from anxiety, pain, and skin conditions. Not all CBD products are appropriate for pets though and some additives can harm your pets. At Means Lauf Super Drug we offer multiple pet specific CBD products tailored to your four legged family members.

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